About Me

Riding motorcycles is one of the greatest joys of my life. My earliest memories of traveling are road trips that I used to go on every year with my family to different parts of India. I used to eagerly look forward to these trips, as they meant discovering and exploring new places. College life introduced me to motorcycling and backpacking. Since then, motorcycles added a whole new meaning to my travels and gave me more freedom to explore the world.

My exposure to motorcycles was early, with my dad being an avid rider. However, I personally did not start riding until around 1999. From taking my father’s Royal Enfield Bullet 350 in and out of the garage to traveling the length and breadth of India on motorcycles, I have come a long way. Somewhere along the way, I picked up DIY skills. As a kid, I watched and helped my father, also a DIY enthusiast, as he repaired everything from his motorcycle to the television at home. I picked up many useful DIY skills from him and can claim to be an enthusiast myself. Knowing how to pull things apart, put them back together, and more importantly getting things to work has given me the confidence to ride my motorcycle to remote places without the fear of being stranded.

My name is Binil and I am a Motorcycle Traveler and DIY Enthusiast.

LEAVE THE ROAD is about my motorcycles, life, and all in-between.

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