Soon we will step out of our homes and will start traveling. And there will be many questions coming to our mind.

Life does not stop, and we need to be at our best health to keep living life non-stop. However, as we keep on the move, we may be able to avoid catching the flu from our coughing seatmate or a sneezing travel companion with these tips I follow.

Let me share how to build strong immunity for traveling in India and abroad.

  • Sleep Well

If we do not have a healthy sleep cycle, it is as bad as eating poorly for long durations. Our body needs adequate sleep before, during, and after our travels. For a robust immune system, we need to focus on our sleep. It is one of THE most vital and often neglected aspects of our health. The more exhausted we are the more prone we can be to illness. At least seven hours of sleep are required for supporting the body critical processes in the body. These lead to our body rebuilding and repairing itself while we sleep. (1)

  • Drink Water & Eat Well

Balanced meals on the go can be a bit more challenging than cooking and eating at home. Focusing on nutrient heavy meals with leafy greens and proteins, while reducing processed food and sugar goes a long way in building a good immune function. India is mostly warm and humid. Hence, we should be well hydrated before we start our travel and carry a water bottle with us as well. We should ensure our intake contains vitamin C, this builds healthy skin and tissue to resist the entry of bacteria and other germs.

  • Move Your Body

When we reach our destination or even during our travel, if possible, we must involve our body in some movement. One does not need to do intense exercise, just some walking or cycling for sightseeing instead of taking a car or taking the stairs instead of the elevator helps. These movements initiate the circulation of the body’s lymphatic system, which in turn helps flush out toxins from the body and allowing the nutrients we are consuming to be put to good use.

  • Immunity Building Vitamins & Supplements

Between work and household chores, it may not be always possible to prioritize a balanced diet. Nutrition supplements come in handy in a big way in ensuring complete nutrition, providing the following in your daily intake:

  • Protein: it helps in building your immune cells.
  • Vitamin A: it regulates the immune system and protects the body, keeping it healthy.
  • Vitamin C: it blocks the entry of foreign microbes.
  • Vitamin E: it works as an antioxidant, keeping cell membranes healthy which helps keep foreign microbes out.
  • VitaminD: it activates and regulates immune function.


Ensure has 11 such immunity nutrients that help create new immunity cells in the body. Ensure helps in immunity and strengthening bones and muscles in adults. I am consuming it regularly. Have you tried it yet?

Having said this, keep a positive mindset and have fun traveling and exploring new places. Godspeed! #StrongerTogether


I am a couple of months into this lockdown and I am itching to get back on the saddle and start chasing the sun on my motorcycle. However, the current pandemic has other plans. The lockdown, expected to end in a couple of weeks, is already showing signs of a possible extension. I know how this feels to a fellow motorcycle traveler. I know how it feels to wait for that next ride.

The places are not going anywhere, stay home.

While we keep ourselves and others safe by staying home, let us work towards keeping our motorcycles in great shape, so that we are ready to ride out, once the lockdown is over. Here are a few things I am doing to take care of my Royal Enfield Himalayan. Though, these will work for almost any motorcycle.

  • Take the load off the suspension and tires. Park the motorcycle on its center stand such that both the wheels can move easily
  • Since the motorcycle may be parked in one place for over a week, it will be a good idea to roll it around occasionally, while gently applying the front and rear brakes
  • Keep the motorcycle covered or in a closed space to avoid exposure to the elements
  • Keeping the battery charged will be one of the common concerns.
    • Start the motorcycle, run it in idling state for 5-10 minutes as regularly and safely as possible
    • Do not twist the throttle too much as it will lead to overheating of the engine
    • In case you are not able to do this regularly, and your motorcycle will be parked for long, disconnect the battery cables to avoid discharging the battery

disconnect accessories from the battery

  • Move levers like brakes, clutch, and throttle at least once a week to ensure free movement

move levers once a week

  • Chains can rust when not in use. Apply the cleaner, clean and lube the chains to avoid rust

lube chain to avoid rust

  • Clean the motorcycle with water and wipe with a clean, dry microfiber cloth periodically

wash with water and wipe with microfiber cloth

In the future when the lockdown ends and you finally get the chance to go out riding, don’t just jump on your motorcycle and ride off. Take some time out to ensure the motorcycle is roadworthy.


check air pressure in tires

  • Check the air pressure in the tires as air can leak over time
  • Ensure the battery is charged, especially in motorcycles without a kick start
  • Check all the cables/levers for free movement and ensure they work as expected
  • Check if the motorcycle is in need of engine oil change or topping up fuel
  • Finally, swing an eye over all the electricals to ensure they are working as expected

These small steps would help you keep your motorcycle in shape and get back to riding in a flash.

While I wait for when I can ride my beauty, I am definitely keeping the memories alive by taking care of my motorcycle. How are you spending this quarantine time?

Visit your nearest dealer for a test ride and for pricing options in your city? You can even book your motorcycle online from the comfort of your home.
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DIY Water Spout For Cats

I adopted Peri-Peri last April. He is my 1.7 years old naughty cat. I am yet to figure out what breed he is, all I can say is that he has long hair, the color is a combination of black, dark rust and grey. Yeah, that!

peri and me

Today I will take you through how and why I got around making a water spout for him.

One of the common ailments that happen to cats is kidney stones. A common reason is not drinking enough water, the other is drinking water with a high content of dissolved solids. In an average household, in Bangalore, tap water can contain over 900mg/l of total dissolved solids (TDS). Most generic water filters reduce this to below 100mg/l. The other spectrum of the problem is stagnant water. Water in a bowl will become stagnant over days and can even start smelling odd.

Peri Peri

Cats do not like drinking stagnant water. This is one of the reasons we see them trying to drink off a leaking tap at times. Cats love drinking flowing water. It is believed that cats find it difficult to see still water up close and flowing water solves the problem. This is why I decided that I should have a water spout or a fountain for Peri.

Now, there are tonnes of options available in the market, however, they are very expensive. Most are imported into India, thus increasing the cost furthermore. And the cost honestly does not justify the build or the work it does. I figured that most of these fountains were just submersible pumps with a filtration unit in place.

Now, where did I come across a similar setup before? Aquarium Water Filters.

They may be functionally different but essentially pump water through a filter and in turn to create a flow. I had tried different types of aquarium hang filters in the past. They worked but had issues like splashing water outside and not being stable due to the odd shape and size.

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Recently I came across a water filter meant to be used in turtle aquariums. It has a slow flow rate and requires only the bottom 5cms of the pump to be submerged. It is equipped with a charcoal and sediment filter to clean the water being circulated. Additionally, it has a rubber suction pad to the bottom of the filter to stick it to the container you would use this in. This helps avoid the filter falling or running dry. This filter coupled with a deep dish became the affordable water fountain I was looking for.

The setup can hold up to 4 liters of water circulated throughout the day. Just keep topping up as you see the level going down. I prefer giving filtered water to avoid any health issues for the cat or scaling in the pump. One needs to clean the filter just twice every month. The filter traps any dust or pet hair that might find its way into the water. Additionally removes any odor the water might have, using the charcoal filter.

Peri Drinking Water

The waterfall is the bonus, it does not splash a lot. Just enough for it to make a soothing sound of flowing water. My cat loves drinking directly from the waterfall. It took a couple of days for it to get used to it. Till then it was happy drinking directly from the dish.

Overall, it took me just five minutes to setup & cost me around Rs. 600/- INR (under 10$).

Amazon link to the aquarium filter I used.