What is true love?

True love is posted in so many ways that some people get confused about what true love is. But yet every one has their own opinion about what they feel true love is. You can sit there and say oh my god I love chocolate but does that mean you love chocolate like you would love your mother or father and does this mean that when you love your mother or father it’s the same as loving your boyfriend/girlfriend or even your husband?

Love is put out there in so many ways. You can love your favorite toy, or your favorite book, or even your favorite food but when you love a person it changes completely. Some people find true love in how the person looks, sometimes true love is found in how much money that person holds in there wallet, and sometimes true love is so blind that your heart leads you towards them and not your mind.

But what does true love mean to me? True love is a state of being it’s a feeling that you feel towards a person that has been there for you every second that you needed them. True love is how a person is towards you and how they act around you. You may say you love some one truly but would you love that person if they disrespected you? Or if they never showed care for you? I don’t think so because true love comes in how that one person is towards you. When a person respects you, when a person loves u as much as you love them or maybe even more, or when that person cares for you like a mother would care for her sick baby. That’s when believe true love comes in when a person is like this towards you I know that it would be true love right away and that person would be your soul mate. So I wanted to post this to see what other people think true love is. Because truly you cant just take one persons definition because every one has a heart and a mind that thinks differently.

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