Sweetest Memory . . .

Calm & deep sea was smiling
As bunch of tiny white roses
Your eyes were so shining
Still I am feeling the sweetness

Your arms were around me
Eyes were lovingly on mine
Every minute were so free
Still I am feeling your touch

Stars were hiding in your eyes
Wind was perfumed with your breath
Still your whispers are around my ears
Promise Your smiles brought heaven to my heart

You were singing while holding me so closely
Still those songs are sleeping in my ears
You took me in to a paradise that I will never forget
You swept softly by kisses all my tears

You kept all your shape look all your sweet smiles
In my heart so safely forever & have gone so far
This is the happiest & sweetest moment in my life
As sweetest as you who I met once in my whole life . . .

in the end of it all … it was only a dream

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