psyvolution -:| stage i |:- july 08 set

this was the first psytrance party i had dj’d in. the following is my playlist with description . also at the end of the post is the link to download my full set recorded live during the party.

|| P L A Y L I S T ||

  • Smack my Bitch Up (HYT Rmx) – Prodigy    BPM:145.0
  • Mother Funker (Live Edit) – Pixel & Wrecked Machines    BPM: 145.0
  • Out Of Space – Skazi And Mc Fishi     BPM: 145.2
  • Love is Gone (David Guetta) – Dj Billie Psy Mix    BPM: 145.0
  • Grip – Melicia & Dynamic     BPM: 145.0
  • Breakpoint – Delirious    BPM: 145.0
  • Acid for Nothing – 1200 Mics    BPM: 145.0
  • Shiva’s India – 1200 Mics    BPM: 145.0
  • Merlin (Infected Remix) – Infected Mushroom     BPM: 145.0
  • 2006 mix – Greece    BPM: 132.0
  • Lethal Industry (Tiesto) – Dj Billie Psy Mix    BPM: 140.0*
  • Rapture – Dj Billie Psy Mix     BPM: 140.0
  • Just a Little More Love (David Guetta) – Dj Billie Psy Mix     BPM: 140.0*
  • Ali Payami – First Choice (ORIGINAL MIX)     BPM: 129.0
  • Gayatri Mantra (Mafaiza) – Dj Billie Psy Mix     BPM: 103.5

total duration: 90 min

the tracks marked in BOLD have been mixed by me – i dj under the name dj billie

the tracks marked in BOLD* have been mixed by Dj Nawed for Submerge.In which were then mixed by me for psytrance.

this party n this set would not have been a success without the help of Dj Ssandy and Dj Hersh.


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