i am feeling blue :( is it me or is it u!

me was feeling blue,
i asked myself, what should I do?
something feels a little bad,
how do I fix this feeling sad?

i told myself I need to see
exactly what is bothering me
so me thought and thought through all my fears
and the big world blurred from all my tears.

with tissues piled on either side
me sighed, i’m glad I cried.
now i’ve fixed whatever was wrong.
now the sadness should be gone
so me sat down and looked inside… HOLY COW!
it was bigger now.

but me was one tough pup
me told myself, I won’t give up.
i’ll tell my friends i’m feeling blue,
i’m sure that they’ll know what to do.

someone said, things, your life ain’t half bad.
she said, they aren’t so sad.
me said, that’s rough, man.
but inside me thought, this was a bad plan.

then, me was not just sad,
now add to sad, me felt quite bad.
the past two plans didn’t work at all,
and still remained the sadness flaw.

I hate this horrible sticky sadness,
the feeling badness.
this must be madness.

if everyone said I should be happy,
maybe the problem is all just me.

and then the sadness got much worse,
for me had cast a curse.
sadness and blueness are tough to bout,
but they’re nothing compared to the worst, self-doubt.

now, on top of feeling blue,
me is sad,
feels bad, thinks me’s mad,

some of us can sit through sadness,
but others, this can drive to madness.

what’s the difference between these two?
is it just that some people don’t feel blue?
no, you silly, it’s what you do
when a bit of blueness falls on you.

there is a myth that goes like this
every moment should be filled with happiness.
the truth is there isn’t always a cure
sometimes we simply have to endure.

so if you’re having a miserable day,
be a grump, feel that way.
just feel the way you need to feel,
the truth is it’s just no big deal.

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