Hello Happiness !!!

how do u define happiness?

“i feel it is more of a feeling rather than something that we can easily put into words” says G*Nice

some measure it by money in the bank, though its no doubt true that if you have a healthy flow of cash, you are empowered to enjoy the pleasures of life and live comfortably, drive a fancy car, enjoy the fruits of exotic travel and to a certain degree have a sense of security for the future. but then life does tell us that no one knows what the next days or in fact the next moment has in store for us. to top it all we have heard of multimillionaires who on the face of it have everything, but just cannot buy themselves true happiness.

so as a proof we know that true happiness is not just a money thing. i have more often found it to be true that people that seem to have very little in terms of material wealth and those who don’t get caught up in the rat race to usually acquire the same, appear to be the most content. but i don know if it’s merely a case of ignorance is bliss or is it that a more humble and uncluttered living allows people to focus on the more important things in life, like health, family, community and stuff like that.

don’t get me wrong, if i say that i would love have a mint back home. i wouldn’t mind a few extra zeros at the end of my bank balance with a number of course at the front of them. i wouldn’t mind living n spending extravagantly, but then it hits me … just think of the difference you could make to somebody’s life by using what u blow away at a club on a Saturday night. sometimes it sure seems that there is something missing, even though the wealth is plentiful.

i feel happiness is a much more simpler than it seems. if u wake up in the morning and before you are truly aware of who and where you are, you have a feeling of optimism and calm surrounding u rather than dread or  worries, then i feel u are on the right path. if u can go about your daily routine being thoroughly sure that there is no one u have bad feelings for, and that anyone u meet will be pleased to meet you, then u are doing something right. just look at your friends and relationships that you have, and use it them as a mirror to judge yourself and you come out looking pretty, i think u have then actually cracked it. Happiness i mean, not the mirror!!!

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