Now visualize your Royal Enfield through 3D vision

I was looking for some accessories for my Royal Enfield motorcycle and was not happy with most of the stuff available aftermarket. They were atrociously overpriced and/or did not match up to the quality and fit & finish I was looking for. I had heard that the Royal Enfield Genuine Motorcycle Accessories have expanded their range and we could order things directly off their website.

As I was browsing the website, I came across a link called Make It Yours. Curiosity piqued and I clicked the link. And this is what I found: as the name would suggest, it’s a 3D configurator that allows you to personalize and accessorize your motorcycle even before you buy it! It lets you view the motorcycle from different angles so that you know how it will look with the accessory you are interested in. It allows you to customize the paintwork as well as Genuine Motorcycle Accessories like seats, engine guards, mirrors, fly screens, panniers, etc. to your taste and requirements. You can deck up your motorcycle as per your need and personality. The feature is available on the Royal Enfield app as well.

I had picked up touring seats for my motorcycle earlier and the quality speaks for itself. As expected, it does allow me to spend longer durations on the saddle. This was the primary reason I went back to their website to check what they have in offer. So you can imagine how stumbling upon the Make It Yours configurator was, knowing that whenever I buy my next motorcycle, I am assured of great functionality and aesthetics without any compromise on quality.   

I will be honest, I ended up playing around with the 3D Configurator Make It Yours, even though I wasn’t looking to buy a motorcycle, just for fun. Here are some of the motorcycles I configured.

Okay, I will come back to the point. You might wonder, how do I fix all this when they deliver it to me? Well, you do not need to. Once you have selected all that you need, you place the order. Here, they will take your details and you can figure out the dealer located nearest to you. You just click on Book and the dealer you selected will reach out to you once they get the order details. The motorcycle will be kitted the way you configured it at the time of delivery. You just have to walk into the dealership and ride out on your very own customized Royal Enfield. Simple, isn’t it?

They started this feature recently and they are still adding more options and features across their range of motorcycles. They have a 3D view from different angles for the motorcycle you configure, 360° view allows you to rotate the motorcycle the way you want. Currently, this feature is available for the Interceptor 650 & Continental GT, but more motorcycles will be listed in the future.

So, what are you waiting for, go and try out the Royal Enfield Make It Yours 3D configurator for yourself!

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8 Comments on “Now visualize your Royal Enfield through 3D vision

  1. Make it yours made me curious too. such customizations give you wings with so many options to try. I’m for sure going to try this app, RE is all-time love and such a 3D configurator feature is an awesome one, wish had this when we made RE ours. Thanks for sharing the video too.
    #PraGunReads #MyFriendAlexa #Blogchatter


  2. This actually sounds quite amazing… A very good option to have and spend some time for bike enthusiasts


  3. Do you get a customised bike at just a click? That’s interesting indeed. I wish I were 30 years younger now 🙂 One of my friends in Mumbai is a biker and I had the chance of riding with her.


  4. I am not a bike enthusiast but the 3D configurator has me intrigued. Quite interesting. Thanks for sharing the video too.


  5. Wow, Royal Enfield is my favourite bike and this customisation option seems amazing… will try


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