Raleri Helmet AntiFog Inserts An Affordable Solution?

One of the common concerns a helmet user faces is fogging up of the visors during rains or cold weather conditions. I have struggled with this over the years and tried a lot of DIY remedies and tricks to try and avoid this. They work for a few mins and we are back to square one. Some helmet brands come with pin lock enabled visors, where you can fix pinlock antifog inserts which can help take care of the fogging problem. This was not a viable solution as pinlock enabled helmets were expensive and availability was a concern, especially in India. For example, Pinlocks for AGV, BELL or other premium brands are expensive and not easily available.

This is when I came across Raleri AntiFog inserts. These ‘Made in Italy’ inserts were addressing the issues of affordability as well as availability of anti-fog inserts. And, they were compatible with almost every helmet available today.

The Raleri helmet antifog inserts are available in 4 types – Photochromic, Racing HI Definition, Dark & Clear.

These get attached on to your visor with a special sealing gasket, which does not leave any residue on the visor, in case you need to remove it. The insert has a silicon type edge all the way around which presses against the visor and creates an air-tight seal, thus making it an antifog visor. It is the seal that stops condensation forming on the visor. Thus, providing you with a clear line of sight when you are riding in conditions that can cause fogging of the visor.

Its fairly easy to fix it and anyone with level 1 DIY skills should be able to do it. All you need is to get the sizing right and have a knack for aligning the things, in this case the insert with the visor. I have added a video of the installation below.

I have been using the Racing HI Definition variant for over a year now. After having used it across multiple weather conditions and terrains I can vouch for this as a must buy for every full-face helmet user. This variant comes with a light rose pink color. It can be used in the day and night. Not only does it cut down the glare of the headlights and the sun, it enhances the dark colors in your view making things more visible. Of course, needless to say, it also works as an anti-fog layer as well.

These are optically correct and I did not find any difficult in using them in the day or night. I have also noticed that my eyes do not get as tired as it used to get prior to using this product. I am using these on my Acerbis REACTIVE helmet and I personally know folks who have used it in a range of helmets from the budget helmets from Royal Enfield to the premium AGV, BELL & Scorpions.

These are brought in India by Gear & Throttle House and you can buy them from their online store or their dealer network across India.

Installation Guide – Gear & Throttle House

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