I LOVE YOU. Just three words. Spoken innumerous times. Time and again people have used these three words to express the feeling inside their heart, mind & body—the feeling of love.What it is to be in love? How does it happen? When do you know that it is Love? Writers/Poets have written/rewritten to describe this feeling of LOVE. Still nothing concrete has been reached so far.What & How, I have no cue as I am naive When do you know that it is Love? Consider: I LOVE YOUI & U are 2 people in this sentence. “I” Loves “you” & it is about feeling of I. To maintain the wisdom of LOVE “you” reciprocates same feelings by repeating “I Love You” where “You” become “I” & “I” becomes “You”.When two people become mirror to each other, they are in love. What say?

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