Why are we So Accommodating ?

I often wonder why we Indians are so accommodating… everything is a matter of adjusting. For instance when the roads are full of potholes and you suspect that half the money meant for the repairs and maintenance have been pocketed by someone “responsible”, what do we do!! Well, just negotiate the potholes as best as we can and forget that we are after all a tax paying public. When the municipal water supply has failed for the umpteenth day we look for tankers to get hold of water. Have you been to a government hospital ever… have you inhaled the stench that emanates there from? Once I had the misfortune of visiting someone in one of the Medical College Hospitals (won’t name it). It was a shocking experience, there was blood on the steps, filth everywhere one looked and more patients were coming out as cadavers than alive(can’t vouch for that)I suspect. Ha-ha and what about newborn babies being eaten up by dogs. Are we humans or what?? Are we going to keep on accepting being treated like third class citizens, are we not going to even demand the basic amenities from our own government. Are we indeed living in an independent Democratic country? To me it seems we are still bonded, bonded to the whims and fancies of the government.

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