Is it Love? or Is it?

I know I don’t talk about this subject a lot, but I am still perplexed over the fact that so many people waste sex. Yes, they are wasting sex. They’re having sex without having any affection for the person they are doing it with. In the past you’d have sex after marriage, or at least after a long time of being in a relationship. Nowadays everybody has sex all the time, everywhere, with everyone. There is no time to get to know each other, let alone the time needed to find a person you could fall in love with. And I know it takes an exceptionally long time. I’m have been searching and no, while searching I am not having sex with women who just happen to come by. When I have sex, it must mean something. Ok, ok, I admit I have made out with some random (but very VERY cute) women, but as soon as she took my shirt off, I was like “Hmm, this is all very nice, but we stay away from third base.” It’s just not meant for me to have meaningless sex, I’m not lust, I am love. And as messed up as my life is I need to believe that that kind of real love exists, because if that ceases the world will be one big shallow place, the world will keep moving faster and faster, we will fill our needs with some casual sex and that’s it. We will only care about money, sex and may be no family. And then I will be sure I will never find happiness. When real love happens it’s like a sign, a sign the world is still a good place, where the sky can be blue, and it won’t rain until it’s necessary. ‘Cause sometimes a little rain is needed, it will make us appreciate the sun and not take it for granted.

So, what is so great about lust? About meeting some random person in a club, ending up in bed together, having the most awkward moments the next morning and then saying goodbye like nothing ever happened? Is this sex better? You know that’s not true, sex with feeling is way better than sex without. Sex without feelings, is only having sex with your genitals, might as well jerk off. Sex with feelings is sex with your body, your mind, and your soul. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality and it’s time everybody started realizing that. Luckily, I’m here to spread the word ;).

3 Comments on “Is it Love? or Is it?

  1. haha…you are adorable…adorably honest and blatant. but thats so great! a very rare find. and yes i agree it shud mean something, everything in a relationship should mean something, its effect should last forever, not fade away the moment its over. Only then do you know its real. So no matter how good it maybe, u gotta keep it real..right?

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  2. I randomly landed on this post under your related posts. I don’t know how to put my thoughts in words after reading this, I can simply say True that! Its written in 2008, hope you have found the one.

    P.S. Your posts on the bike are too technical for me, so I was searching which I could understand. I know my brain has too much biology info inside it.

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