Who are you behind the Mask?

A few weeks back I had this really bad nightmare … the girl I love was being beaten up by someone … apart from the name she was shouting I had no clue who this person was. I did know who this person was, as in I have heard his name before, but I have never seen him … this happened for a few days till it faded away. I kept wondering why I had that dream … this got me thinking about one phobia I had. It’s the fact that the true identity of the person is hidden; in this case I have never met this person. I think it’s this fact that I have always had an aversion to.
Thinking more laterally, there are all kinds of hidden agenda, a hidden mask that we encounter in real life and they can be all the more treacherous to us.
In the game of love and life, it’s all about first impressions, and all of us can present an airbrushed version of ourselves at least once. Once the scratching of the surface begins, this is where all the stuff that is best kept hidden starts to show through. This might seem very hypocritical coming from a person who has mostly managed to get an honest first impression. Many weave a web of stories to cover up who they really are, and that stuff can be kept deep undercover by the truly devious for sometime. The true danger with this is that the deception happens at the expense of trust that a significant other may have placed in that person. Once the true colors are revealed there’s the loss and pain to deal with, as well as that feeling of stupidity.
First impressions can be so deceiving, you see. I have observed that the plastic smiles at the first handshake are often the reason for misleading first impressions. The mention of handshakes brings to mind the arena of business. All of us flex our creative muscles when it comes to impressing potential employers, and I am sure we have all fallen in love with the version of ourselves that we present on our CVs – so much so that we become somewhat unrecognizable as the people we actually are.
I have been blessed with a lot of qualities and skills, most of them self studied, to such an extent that people consider me a jack of all trades n in fact have been told that am even a master of quite a few … but though it has helped me see through a lot in life … nonetheless has also made me pretty popular … I sometimes ask myself, is it worth it? Exactly what my skills are remains hard to define, but I am still trying to move on with life somehow.
I had read a phrase by someone regarding a similar situation, ‘you can’t cut a melon and a coconut with the same blade’ which I didn’t really understand, but it struck me that both of those things blended together can make a refreshing cool drink. 🙂

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