Get Your Motorcycle Off-Road Ready

You may have read the ‘Beginners Guide to Off-Roading’ earlier. You have taken the bite and have the relevant riding gears to start off. Here is a list of things for your motorcycle to get ready for off road use.

  • Dual Sport or Knobby Tires

While the knobby tires offer deep square block treads meant for aggressive off-roading, the dual-sport ones are more streamlined, making it usable on both on and off-road conditions. And while the knobbies will offer an advantage in the dirt, a basic set of dual-sport tires will be fine, as long as they have at least half of their tread‐life remaining.

  • Bash Plate / Skid Plates

Bash plates protect the underside of your motorcycle, from unexpected contact with rocks. This well-placed aluminium plate is a small price to pay when compared to the powerplant it protects. They are also called skid plates as there are times when your motorcycle would see-saw on a large rock or log and you can slide your motorcycle along without worrying about damaging the engine casing.

  • Engine Guards

Falls are inevitable in the dirt. Hence, to keep your worries at bay, you can add a set of robust engine protection bars. These will help you get away with minor or no damage to your motorcycle’s engine.

  • Raised Mudguards

It will be a good idea get your mudguards raised. When riding in trails, mud tends to stick and build up on the tires. With regular mudguards, they tend to pile up inside it and cause the wheel to jam up. This can lead to unwanted slides leading to injury.

  • Hand Protectors

Most are designed to protect the rider from exposure to the elements as well as passing tree branches and thorny bushes. The more robust versions come with additional reinforcement, to protect the levers in case of falls.

  • Wide Footpegs

Most stock footpegs are narrow and slippery, especially in muddy conditions. This makes it difficult to stand on and control the motorcycle when required. Wider, studded or spiked footpegs provide better grip to your riding boot and makes the experience much more comfortable.

  • Handle Bar Risers / Taller Handle Bar

When riding off-road, you will eventually learn to stand up on your motorcycle. While this helps navigate much better over rough terrain, it becomes critical for you to have a comfortable reach and grip on your handlebars. Bar risers or taller handlebars help bring the bars closer to the rider, making it easy to manoeuvre the motorcycle.

  • Model Specific Tool Kit

Considering you will be riding off-road, there will be times when you are in a remote location. In case needed, you should have some basic tools to take care of punctures, reduce or increase air pressure, adjust control levers etc. You should keep in mind the specific tools needed for your particular motorcycle. Also, the aftermarket accessories you may have fixed, which need to be removed to access something on the motorcycle.

There is a lot more in the matter of modifications one can do and that is each to suit one’s needs. The list above should get you going and you can slowly build on these to make your motorcycle more suitable to your needs while off-roading.

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