Sustainable Travel – Yes, It Can Be Done!

Today we are witness to the worst impact on Earth and its resources. And it is only getting worse. Some may even say, “It’s true but what can we do?”

Slight changes in your lifestyle and the way you travel can go a long way. Here is what you can do to make travel sustainable.

  • Buy Less
    • Make a choice to buy less gear.
    • The more you fill up your wardrobe; the less you use them
    • If you have more than what you need – give it to people who can use them
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  • Pack Light
    • The less you carry, the lighter your load is.
    • The more you leave behind, the easier your journey
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  • Maintain Your Vehicle
    • Service your vehicle at regular service intervals
    • Change parts that need replacement
    • Use Hi-Quality or OEM replacement parts on your vehicle and good quality fuel and lubrication
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  • Be Conscious, Dispose Sensibly
    • Dispose your waste sensibly
    • Carry a trashcan with you at all times in your vehicle to collect your waste
    • Anything your throw away is trash – there is no differentiation
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  • Travel To Beautiful Places, But Stay Local
    • You contribute to the local community by staying in smaller places
    • When you arrive at your room – make sure you switch off systems like air-conditioner, lights, fans
    • Keep showers short and shut off water when you are brushing your teeth or shaving
    • if you are staying multiple days – reuse sheets and towels
    • When you camp – make sure you pack out all your trash and leave no trace
    • There is nothing better than staying with family, friends, or friends you have never met
    • Talk to your hosts – ask them how they dispose trash
    • Spread awareness – Check about recycling programs
    • Spread awareness – Do they reduce energy consumption
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  • Eat Local and Healthy
    • Local food is travel’s greatest gifts
    • Find places that serve local cuisine
    • Eat at simple homestyle restaurants
    • Hang out in local bars and cafe’s – it’s the best way to absorb the pulse of a way
    • Most often ingredients used are grown locally and are not carted from big cities far away
    • Try and eat vegetarian – smaller destinations most often don’t have poultry farms etc;
      • Which means – meat / chicken / eggs travel a long way to reach your plate
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  • Smile And Respect Cultures
    • Smile is traveler’s greatest ally
    • Treat locals with respect, make conversations with them – you might just end up having a wonderful experience, get invited to a local’s home, get to eat some local fare or you might get to see places that otherwise you would have missed
    • You would have ridden or driven to this place – but a walk in town / village is a fantastic way to experience the place
    • Walk with that smile on your face. And don’t forget to respect their culture
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  • Respect Local Wildlife Reserve and Protected Area Laws
    • Appreciate the sanctity of these places
    • You are a visitor, best said an intruder
    • Avoid trespassing into protected areas
    • Watch as you pass by – by stopping your vehicles – you are creating nuisance
    • Avoid travelling post sunset in protected areas, even if it is a highway
    • Besides disturbing wildlife – you miss the chance of seeing beauty
    • Don’t touch or collect specimens – besides being illegal, understand that you are behaving like a thief
    • Respect local forest laws
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  • Water
    • Don’t buy water, carry a water filter, or water purification tablets
    • Most places offer filtered water – fill your bottles at such station
    • Bottled water increases trash
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  • Offset your carbon footprint: This is a tough one to make small
    • There are multiple organizations to choose from to offset your carbon footprint. You can choose to put your money in any one of them. There is nothing like consciously reducing your impact and using your money to offset, by going out there yourself and planting a tree or contributing to an organization locally. The least you can do is to plant trees in your neighborhood.
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Let’s take a pledge to lower our impact on the places we go to and let us make this a part of our conversations, to not trash our travel

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