Monthly Archives: August 2007

Wrapped by a sweetness of a smileHeart has stopped in a dream worldCaught to a spell of starry eyes..Promise..Love took the heart away from this world I will take all the stars to my heartWill make it so beautiful as a heavenTo make it so calm I will stop the beatIf you will come & stay forever I will wait for you in the sunAnd will smile, as it is so coolI… Read More

Days I Laughed with You Days I Enjoyed with You Days I Played with You Days I Argued with You Days I Quarrelled with You Days I Shared with You Days I Roamed with You I Never Forget Those Days I Loved You Days I Fooled You Days I Teased You Days I Disturbed You Days I Criticised You Days I Irritated You Days I Blamed You I Never Forget Those Days… Read More

Never say I Love you if you don’t really care Never talk of feelings if they aren’t really there Never hold my hand If you mean to break my heart Never say forever if you ever plan to part Never look into my eyes if you are telling me a lie Never say hello if you think you’ll say goodbye Never say that I’m THE one if you dream of more than… Read More