Monthly Archives: September 2007

One day you might see yourself walking alone on a new path.No one seems in sight. No one seems to have walked it earlier.Don’t give up midway. You’re on a right track.Go on. Reach your dreams. The reason why you do not see anyone is because,the world is following you.

Calm & deep sea was smilingAs bunch of tiny white rosesYour eyes were so shining Still I am feeling the sweetness Your arms were around meEyes were lovingly on mine Every minute were so freeStill I am feeling your touch Stars were hiding in your eyesWind was perfumed with your breathStill your whispers are around my earsPromise Your smiles brought heaven to my heart You were singing while holding me so closelyStill… Read More

people would say it could never happen,but we both know it hasas i sit here and picture us,together hand in hand. love knows no distance,it can happen a world awayit can happend over time,or it can happen in a day. we may have never met face to face, but it doesn’t matter to me.our love is as real and deepas any love could be. so even though you are far away,you are… Read More