Monthly Archives: September 2008

me was feeling blue, i asked myself, what should I do? something feels a little bad, how do I fix this feeling sad? i told myself I need to see exactly what is bothering me so me thought and thought through all my fears and the big world blurred from all my tears. with tissues piled on either side me sighed, i’m glad I cried. now i’ve fixed whatever was wrong. now… Read More

The subject of temptation is a fascinating one to me.Ā  As people we are always tempted with something.Ā  Normally when the word temptation is used it has to do with a form of the forbidden.Ā  For instance if I commit to fasting for a certain amount of time, during that period I will at some point beĀ tempted to eat.Ā  I may be on day 3 of a 10 day fast for instance,… Read More

Renaultā€™s Fernando Alonso scored a surprise success just when he most needed it, in one of the most eagerly anticipated Grand Prix in Formula One history, under the lights of Singapore on Sunday. And he owed much of it to team mate Nelson Piquet, whose crash on the 14th lap changed the face of the race. Ferrariā€™s Felipe Massa led from pole position from McLarenā€™s Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen in the… Read More