Monthly Archives: September 2005

My loveIt’s been a long time since i criedAnd left you out of the blueIt’s hardLeaving you the wayWhen i never really wanted toSelf denialIs a game so strangeI never really should’ve wantedTill there was youCause I have learned that love was beyondWhat human can imagineMore it clearsThe more I got to let you go’causewhat I don’t understandIs why I’m feeling so bad nowWhen I know it was my ideaI could’ve just… Read More

I LOVE YOU. Just three words. Spoken innumerous times. Time and again people have used these three words to express the feeling inside their heart, mind & body—the feeling of love.What it is to be in love? How does it happen? When do you know that it is Love? Writers/Poets have written/rewritten to describe this feeling of LOVE. Still nothing concrete has been reached so far.What & How, I have no cue… Read More

I often wonder why we Indians are so accommodating… everything is a matter of adjusting. For instance when the roads are full of potholes and you suspect that half the money meant for the repairs and maintenance have been pocketed by someone “responsible”, what do we do!! Well, just negotiate the potholes as best as we can and forget that we are after all a tax paying public. When the municipal water… Read More